But… what is Photoboutte ?


Simple and fun to use


Continuous display of the pictures


You just won’t believe how good you look


Suits all occasions

How does it work?

Choose the best spot for Photoboutte and we take care of everything. During the rental period, your guests can take as much pictures as they want, and we provide an employee on site for any help needed. Through the touch screen, you can take pictures, decide to keep or discard them, choose the layout… all this in a few seconds! Magic just happens: everyone will understand instantly how to use Photoboutte.

All the pictures taken will appear on the slideshow, integrated behind the machine. That slideshow can also be shown through TVs or projectors you provide. And we are now proud to offer free instant upload on a private online gallery, which means your guests will be able to share their pictures on social networks during the event!

At every moment, we are present on site to help your guests and answer their questions – so you can focus on having fun and relax !